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As the golden generation ages, the Spanish national team, which has won the World Cup and European Cup, has to face a difficult replacement. In the first battle against Portugal, Adama came off the bench to complete the national team debut, which means that the Spanish national team's future main formation has basically taken shape.


As Anzu Fati, Merino, Eric García, Reggie Ron, and Ferran Torres have emerged in their respective clubs, Enrique realized that they must be the core to build a new team . It is not accidental that they were the best players in the battle against Portugal. In order to help this group of players grow as quickly as possible, Enrique retained veterans like Ramos, Carvajal and Busquets. However, the Spanish national team has become a world of young people.

随着安祖·法提(Anzu Fati),美利奴(Merino),埃里克·加西亚(EricGarcía),雷吉·罗恩(Reggie Ron)和费兰·托雷斯(Ferran Torres)分别出现在各自的俱乐部中,恩里克意识到他们必须成为组建新团队的核心。在对抗葡萄牙的比赛中,他们是最好的球员,这并非偶然。为了帮助这群球员尽快成长,恩里克保留了拉莫斯(Ramos),卡瓦哈尔(Carvajal)和布斯克茨(Busquets)等退伍军人。但是,西班牙国家队已经成为年轻人的世界。

At the back line, the 25-year-old Gaya and the 23-year-old Reggie Long have become regular visitors to the national team, and the latter has performed particularly well. On the right, because of the presence of Carvajal and Navas, the young people have not yet got the chance. In the central defender position, 19-year-old Eric Garcia and 23-year-old Pau Lopez gradually got the chance to play. Considering Ramos' age, they will quickly enter the main lineup.

在后排,年仅25岁的加耶(Gaya)和年仅23岁的雷吉·朗(Reggie Long)成为了国家队的常客,后者表现尤其出色。在右边,由于卡瓦哈尔(Carvajal)和纳瓦斯(Navas)的出现,年轻人还没有机会。在中央后卫位置,19岁的Eric Garcia和23岁的Pau Lopez逐渐有机会上场比赛。考虑到拉莫斯的年龄,他们将迅速进入主力阵容。

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In the midfield, Merino has become one of the important members of the team, he has excellent strength and sense of rhythm, which allows him to win the trust of Enrique. It is worth emphasizing that Merino is a penalty zone to penalty zone midfielder, which is not common among Spanish players. In addition, the 24-year-old Rodri also got a chance to play.


On the front line, Enrique has a richer choice. The 17-year-old Fati has become the undisputed main force, and the 20-year-old Ferran Torres, the 22-year-old Olmer, the 23-year-old Oyazabal, and the 24-year-old Traore will gradually get more Opportunity to play.

在第一线,恩里克拥有更多选择。 17岁的法蒂已经成为无可争议的主力军,而20岁的Ferran Torres,22岁的Olmer,23岁的Oyazabal和24岁的Traore将会逐渐获得更多的游戏机会。

Enrique can even lay out a starting lineup composed of young players. For young players, the only position that is temporarily unable to compete for the main force is right back. After all, they can't compare with Navas and Carvajal. In addition, the lineup of young Spanish players is enough to compete with any opponent, which is obviously good news for the Spanish national team.


The main lineup of the Spanish national team in the future: Unai Simon (23 years old) / Reggie Long (23 years old), Pau Torres (23 years old), Eric Garcia (19 years old), Carvajal (28 years old) )/Anzu Fati (17 years old), Rodri (24 years old), Merino (24 years old), Ferran Torres (20 years old)/Favian (24 years old)/Traore (24 years old) ).

未来西班牙国家队的新博国际官网主要阵容:Unai Simon(23岁)/ Reggie Long(23岁),Pau Torres(23岁),Eric Garcia(19岁),Carvajal(28岁) )/安新博国际官网祖·法蒂(17岁),罗德里(24岁),美利奴(24岁),费朗·托雷斯(20岁)/法维安(24岁)/特拉奥雷(24岁))。

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